Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History – now officially published in the UK and Europe

This post is about the new book that Professor Hans-Erhard Lessing and I have written on the history of bicycle design. The project has taken 8 years and I joined it in 2010. The book has had valuable input from a great many people in various countries, including the eminent cycle historians Nick Clayton (UK) and Gary Sanderson (USA). It’s a German-English-American co-production, with Hans-Erhard Lessing based in Germany, me in England and the publisher in the USA.

Although Amazon have been selling the book for some time, it was not officially published in the UK and Europe until Thursday 29th May. Here’s the press release in PDF form: Hadland_Lessing_book

You may also like to read MIT’s blog, in which Hans and I answer questions about the book:

You can order the book from MIT by using this link:

Book Details

If you wish to order from, you can use this link:

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