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Selena Gomez Snaps #PassengerSelfie, Shows Off New Weave


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For months now, Selena Gomez has been weaving in and out of the life of Justin Bieber. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

And in perfect segue news, the singer now also has a weave in her hair!

Gomez showed off this extension herself via an airplane selfie over the weekend, posting the photo below along with the following caption:

“Weave is back. 🙂 hehe #901 #seatbelt #passengerselfie #hashtag.”

Looking good, Selena!

It’s nice to see the artist making news for something that doesn’t involve her romance with Bieber, which, yes, is back on AGAIN.

Neither side has spoken on the relationship, but Justin recently published (and then deleted) a picture of him kissing Gomez on the cheek, while an insider says Bieber is happier than ever with Selena.

That’s great and all – but will it last? Or will Bieber soon grow bored and restless and enamored with some supermodel?

Let’s just hope Gomez doesn’t have her love blinders on and that her fake hair doesn’t also mean she has fake, unrealistic expectations for what a future with Justin Bieber will look like.

Chris Rock (Sort Of) Catches Foul Ball, Hands Lucky Item to Young Fan

A few weeks ago, Justin Verlander gave a baseball to girlfriend Kate Upton, who was seated in the first row behind the Detroit Tigers dugout.

The following video, meanwhile, isn’t nearly as sexy. But it’s similarly sweet.

On Thursday, Chris Rock took in a New York Yankees game alongside actor Bobby Cannavale. And just as the announcers were talking about the star, a foul ball came his way.

As you can see here, Rock corralled the item and handed it to a young fan, making him a candidate for “public office,” as announcer Michael Kay joked…

… but did he really catch the ball?

Simply put: No. Not according to this telling GIF:

HA! Sorry, Chris. We love you. But we just had to.

Michael Phelps on DUI Charge: My Bad!

Eighteen-time gold medalist Michael Phelps was arrested for DUI around 2 am on Tuesday morning after being pulled over for going 84 in a 45 MPH zone.

Phelps addressed the incident on Twitter today:

“Earlier this morning I was arrested and charged with DUI, excessive speeding and crossing double lane lines,” Phelps tweeted.

“I understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility. I know these words may not mean much now but I am deeply sorry to everyone I have let down.”

Well, at least he owned up to it, though it’s not like he had much choice.

There’s no word yet on what sort of punishment Phelps can expect to face.

This is not his first DUI arrest, though since the first one occurred more than 10 years ago, it shouldn’t result in a stiffer penalty this time around. Following that incident, Phelps was sentenced to 18 months probation.

Prior to his brush with the law this morning, the Olympian’s most recent scandal was a highly publicized 2009 episode in which Phelps was caught smoking pot at a party on a college campus.  He was quick to apologize following that incident as well.

Phelps is not expected to do any jail time, but does face fines, probation, and the loss of his license.

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