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Alexis Sanchez All But Confirmed As A Gunner – Who Arsenal Should Chase Next Judi Online Terpercaya


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Arsenal are a tad late to the party, but they are very close to signing two new players. Their rivals have all signed at least two new players, but Arsenal’s exploitation of the transfer market means that they could bring in Mathieu Debuchy and Alexis Sanchez in a matter of days, as reported by Talksport. The fans are obviously jubilant at this news, which has been in circulation for a few days now. However, they will now be wondering who is next on the shopping list.


I am personally wondering who Arsenal are lining up because beyond Sanchez and Debuchy, not much has been reported. There have been hints that a defensive midfielder, striker, centre-back and back-up goalkeeper will be brought in. Who do Arsenal need to focus on first though?


It was apparently made clear that the Gunners would be trying to bring in a striker next season, but if they are successful in signing Alexis Sanchez then the need to buy another expensive attacker is reduced. As Arsenal are seemingly not chasing a big-name striker, they may be content with bringing in a cheaper option that is not sought after by everybody.  The reduced competition would not only make them more likely to get their man, but also for a relatively low price.


I think Arsenal should be eyeing up a defensive midfielder next, as they need to pay up to replace Mikel Arteta who simply doesn’t have the fitness to start and finish every game of the Premier League season. He will still be a very important player, but he shouldn’t be starter. Therefore, I think the Gunners need a player who is both for the long-term and ready to play for a team like Arsenal now.


As for the goalkeeper and centre-back, the former has to be signed, but again the North Londoners don’t need an expensive name. Both positions should be covered, but the unnoteworthy names of the people brought in to do the job will probably mean it is not huge news.


Former Newcastle Striker Linked With Arsenal – Why He Would Be A Great Signing


Despite the fact that Arsenal haven’t actually announced the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy, they are already chasing other players. That is the way the transfer market has to be played these days, as other targets can disappear very quickly. You can rest on the fact that you have been successful in obtaining fresh faces, but there are always improvements to be made.


As Arsenal still need to improve their Judi Online Terpercaya attack, despite being very close to Alexis Sanchez, they have been chasing Loic Remy to provide competition for Olivier Giroud up front. The Metro are reporting that Remy could join the Gunners for as little as £8 million. With Nicklas Bendtner gone, Yaya Sanogo is the only other first-team striker left at the club. However, Giroud needs competition both to give the Frenchman a break and to provide a different option for the Gunners.


For me, Remy is the perfect competition for Giroud, but is not what Arsenal need. What I mean by that is he wouldn’t necessarily be a regular starter, but he would be a very good signing for the squad. The reason why I think he would be a great option for the Gunners is because he offers a different threat to Giroud.


Giroud is a player that likes to hold the ball up and have runners that go beyond him. With Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and possibly Alexis Sanchez, he will have a field day with all these indirect runs. There have been so many occasions where he has flicked the ball on almost immediately after receiving it. He isn’t the type of player that will look for the run in behind the defenders, something that Mesut Ozil prefers.


Remy, on the other hand, will do much of what Giroud does, but he will also make those key runs in behind. He certainly has the pace to do it, as well the height and strength to hold the ball up if he needs to. Remy is a clinical striker as well which would be very handy if Walcott and Sanchez are flanking him.

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