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The Lion, The Rich, and the Restaurant sbobet


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If Thursday was a blur, Friday wasn’t much better.

I know my plan was to get up early enough to get to the sbobet noon tourney, but my body wasn’t cooperating. Going to bed at 6am that morning probably didn’t help.

When I finally staggered into the poker room (running on no sleep and less food is a bad idea), the tourney was seated and it was full. There were enough of us stragglers, however, that they opened a new table.

I was happy to see fhwrdh sitting to my left, but, unfortunately, he wouldn’t last long.

Cracking Cowboys and Busting Out

A few hands in, fhwrdh plays his Hiltons hard, as he should, especially with a J-high, no straight, rainbow flop. Apparently, his opponent thought his pair-draw was solid and he called with AKo. An ace on the turn and fhwrdh was tilted out of the tourney. I’m not sure I’d have taken as well as he did.

My first big hand is pocket deuces. I limp to see a flop and it’s raised after me, a standard raise. Since I’m already in the pot, I decide to see if I can get lucky and call. The flop is 9-3-2. I check (because I’m tricky like that) and my opponent makes a pot sized bet. I push, he calls, and flips his cracked Kings. Sorry pal.

And that’s the last hand I remember. When our table broke, I took up a seat to Michael Craig’s right. He was an exceedingly nice man. And I don’t know what happened, but I think I played a total of three hands at that table before busting.

Getting Rich in NL

I hate doing anything that boosts G-Rob’s self-image, because he can be a tad bit insufferable at times. I doubt I’m giving a news flash here. Nonetheless, any time I have a chance to sit at a poker table with him, I’m going to do it.

The Aladdin NL table featured a G-Vegas home game: me, Otis, G-Rob, Dr. Jeff, TeamScottSmith, and the Gamecock.

I played pretty well, doubling up when Dr. Jeff’s Hiltons ran into my Cowboys. I’m not sure I would have played it any different than him. The money went in pre-flop, but a rainbow flop of undercards wouldn’t have helped him lay it down.

Other than that, I can’t remember a single hand of my own. Maybe I should start taking notes.

What I can remember is the most brutal suckout I’ve ever seen live (G-Rob tilted) and the Gamecock dropping quads on Otis to close the session. Perhaps I’ll let them tell those stories. And I can also remember laughing, hard, every couple of minutes. G-Rob was in fine form, especially when an Aladdin dealer sat down to play.

All I know is that G-Rob took this dealers money when the dealer had about 35 outs after the flop. The dealer was a little steamed and was surprised at G-Rob’s call. G-Rob explained he liked his hand an even had outs if he was behind. The dealer then described each of the 450 different ways he should have won the hand. To which G-Rob responded:

“To be fair, I didn’t put you on that.”

Maybe you had to be there, and hopefully the rest of the G-Vegas crew will back me up on this, but we couldn’t stop laughing. The timing, the delivery, the tilt-inducing words… it was pure poker humor magic.

The Lion Roars

If it’s the MGM, it means one thing: PHORSE… or HORPSE… or whatever you want to call it. The Rooster got the mix game set up, and the bloggers turned out in force.

Until the mix game got started, I jumped in a newly started $4/$8 half-kill game. Chad, Shelly, Dr. Jeff and Alan were all there.

I think I was there for maybe an orbit and a half before realizing I hated this table. It wasn’t the company of the bloggers, because they were a lot of fun. It was the play. We had two or three non-bloggers who seemed to pull the right river at the right time, time and time again. I’m pretty sure Dr. Jeff suffered most of the hits.

That’s when I got up and joined the even more -EV HORSE game. Naturally, we added a P for Pineapple because that’s what we do.

My tablemates were: Drizz, Daddy, BG, Performify, Gamecock, Biggestron, TeamScottSmith and more (someone help fill in the blanks). I’m not sure I ever folded a hand, but, amazingly, I didn’t lose that much money. Yet again, I remember almost no hands, except one.

We’re playing Pineapple and I look down at the underwhelming 872o. Needless to say, I raised it up. After all, after dropping the 8, I’m sitting on the HAMMER. And really, who wouldn’t drop connectors to keep the HAMMER?

The flop was A7x (I think), and I lead out and got called. Was I scared? Of course I was, but I trusted the HAMMER. The turn was a blank and I bet out again. And got called. Worry crept up. Could I really avoid an Ace in little limit Pineapple. The river was another blank, but the HAMMER compelled a bet. And this time, my persistent oponent folded. Dropping the HAMMER in Pineapple is a beautiful thing.

$80 for Dinner is +EV

The mix games were still going strong (with a waitlist twice as long as any other game), but I was dying of hunger and we had a 10:30pm reservation at N9ne. Dumb name. Great food.

I jumped into a car with April and her friend Eric. The drive reminded me why I would never have a car in Vegas. Traffic sucks. We finally arrived and I sat down with BG, Bad Blood, PokerProf, Biggestron, April, Heather, Shep, TeamScottSmith, THE Mark and Eric (I hope I got everyone).

My dinner consisted of an iceburg lettuce wedge with blue cheese and bacon, a 12 oz. filet mignon, a lobster tail, and steak fries. Mmmmmmmmmmmm… The steak was amazing. The lobster was fabulous. And the fries were good enough that I was sorry I couldn’t finish them. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a meal, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. I must do more nice dinners next time I’m in Vegas.

With a stomach more than full, the next thing on my mind was sleep. It was about 3am when I got back to the IP and I was ready for bed. After all, I had to be sharp to defend my luckbox status in the WPBT Holiday Classic!

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