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Play online football games at Titan Casino


Football season is in full force these days. And, while there are plenty of hours of football to watch on the TV, the question is, what to do in between?  Of course there’s work and sleep to catch up on, but really, during the World Cup, what you really want to be doing is enjoying more football.


That’s why our latest new games couldn’t come at a better time.  During the game, during the breaks, in between games, before and after, you can enjoy our fantastic online football games Top Trumps Football Legends and Top Trumps World Football Stars.


Top Trumps Football Legends togel online slot game allows you to create your very own dream team with your top picks from all times lining the reels, including your favorite player in the wild card position.  Once your line-up has been selected, simply spin the reels and watch as your all-star team delivers top rewards.


Our Top Trumps World Football Stars slot game is of a similar theme.  This time you get to choose which teams battle it out for the trophy, then spin the reels to find out which one perseveres (and ultimately brings you the jackpot).


Of course, long after the final tournament game is played in South Africa, these games will remain at Titan Casino, so you can recapture the football fever everyday.




Enjoy Rocky themed slots and other new online casino games

Enjoy Rocky and other new online casino games


While last week we introduced you to our new football themed casino games Top Trumps Football Legends and Top Trumps World Football Stars, this week we have even more new games for you.


Some of these great new games have themes with which you’re likely already familiar including our new Rocky, Pink Panther and Punisher: War Zone online slots.


Our Rocky game features the characters from the infamous boxing movies by the same name including Rocky Balboa, Tony “Duke” Evers and Ivan.  In this game, if you manage to spell R-O-C-K-Y across the reels, you’ll win five times your total bet.


Our new Pink Panther slot game, on the other hand, features the slick pink cat himself as well as the clumsy Inspector Clouseau, and the Pink Panther’s great rival, Little Man.


If you’re looking for something even more action packed, give our Punisher: War Zone slot machine a whirl. This slot game has three progressive jackpots and other great prizes to keep you winning money with a vengeance for hours on end.


Other popular titles we’ve added to our gaming catalog include Archer, Pirate Hi-Lo, Winners Club, All American, Columbus, and Penguin Vacation.

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